Wednesday, March 19, 2014

7 Tips to protect your computer from viruses

These are some helpful tips to protecting your computer from viruses


1. Install a best antivirus  software : 

Install a best antivirous software program in your computer , it help you to identified  infected files from your computer. a good antivirus  software detect verious types of  viruses and delete them automatically . and boost the  performance of your computer .
install latest software , in todays market you can get best antivirous softwares like 1) Kaspersky,
     2) Avast ,
     3) Symantec (Norton),
     4) AVG ,Quick Heal,
     5) McAfee,
     6) Microsoft Security Essentials,
     7) Net Protector AntiVirus (NPAV), 
     8) ESET

2. Use a firewall : 

use firewall , its a very helpful to every computer , firewall block the viruses, worms, hackers activities such as  download potentially harmful programs to your computer. firewall always alert you about  suspicious activity , firewall always detect and tell you about  MALICIOUS and harmful softwares for your  computers  and block it .

3.  Up-date  your antivirous  : 

update your antivirous program weekly  or mothely  but  Don't Forget To Update it .

antivirous updating is process where your computer connect to the server of antivirous company and they  send you  some new fetures  and virous bloking functions to your computers antivirous program.  means new fetures and up - dates  for your antivirous . after that your antivirous program work with more effectively to detect and delete unwanted and harmful virouses .

4. Delete your  browsers history  : 

Delete browsing history from your browser  daily , it can help you . delete cookies history from your browser , use internet explorer as your default browser , it a best browser for security of your computer .

5. Always scan your pendrive  and CDs  before using them :

when you use your pendrives and CDs in your computer please always scan them before open them with help of your antivirus software ,  click on scan pendrive button from your antivirus .

lage numbers of computer infected becouse of virous in  pen drived data , infection in your pendrives   images, videos , files etc . when you attach your pendrive or mobiles memory  card to your computer dont forget to scan it first . its good for your computer .

6. Use a pop-up blocker : 

use pop-up blocking setting in your browser  because of this setting your browsers  help you to stop pop-up windows.  pop - up can infect your computer , send virous and  malware to your computer . when you click pop - up windows  , befor that  your computer   slows down, crashe  . or  Your Computer May Hang , p.c suddenly work slowly .
because of pop - up   you see new toolbars which you didn't install  . you face utomatic 
restart p.c problem .and many problem so please always do pop - up bloking setting in your browser . it can help you to protect your computer from viruses

7.Don't open unknown e-mail attachments or attacheted link from emails :

Dont click on any link from eamil which you dont know , many internet users recived - emails like  : 

      1) you win a 5000 DOLLERS in  lottery . please contact us click on this link .
       2) you win a  new car , mobile phone please click on that link 
       3) special one-time offer or some other massages.
These emails can  contain links to malicious web sites or have attachments containing malicious software. which harm your computer. 

  • so please dont  open an email unknow  attachment.
  • Most of  viruses, Trojan horses, and worms are activated when you open an attachment or click a link  in  email message.  be safe .