Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to Delete Google Chrome Browsing History ?

Deleting your browsers  history is a best  way to protect your privacy . If you dont  know how to delete your browsing history in Google Chrome, i am showing you in this post  ,  How to Delete your Google Chrome History  , just follow these Simple  steps .

 Step 1. Click on google chrome browser icon from your computer and Open your Google Chrome browser. 
Step 2. select "History"  from box , this box is on

top right corner of the google chrome  screen 

Step 3. after selcting  History , Click on  CLEAR BROWSING DATA button. and select which time of  browsing history do you want to download 

  • The past hour. 
  • The past day. 
  • The past week. 
  • The past four weeks. 
  • i am suggesting you to click on the beginning of time ,This option delete your all browsing history.

4. And last step is :  
click on  the Clear browsing data button .  follow this 4 steps and delete your Google Chrome  browsing  History