Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Internet Speed Test Sites

If you think  your internet  connection is slow  some times , clear your doubts  using Internet speed chaker website , There are many Internet speed test sites which you can use free of charge .I nternet speed test sites are  followes: 

1. Speedtest.net 
speedtest.net is a one of the world's most popular internet speed test checker site . it is also know as Ookla speedtest .  speedtest.net is gives you a most accurate internet speed test Result.Ookla speed test is the global leader in broadband speed testing and web-based network diagnostic applications. even  i was  also check  internet connection speed ,i found it gives accurate Result . 


speedof.me is internet speed test site , speedof.me is a HTML5 technology Internet speed test. you dont need flash player in your computer Java to test a speed .It is the best and most accurate online internet speed tester . It is works on your iPhone, iPad, Android device , Windows 8 operating system and other mobile devices also on your desktop computer.


testmy.net is internet connection speed testing website . Testmy.net Accurately test your Internet connection speed with this powerful broadband speed test.