Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Best Open Source and Free DJ Mixing Softwares

in my collage days i was mad about deejaying .becouse of some family reasons i am was dont choos this
great field .
i am writing This artical to help those DJ'S and people who are serching for some Best Dj softwares . follows are some Best dj tools you can use for Djaying .many professional Disc jockeys from around the world using this free professional D J Softwares . 

 1. mixxx 

mixxx is a most advanced free DJ software. Mixxx  Dj software have  many features that are otherwise only available in more expensive programs like Traktor.  it is also good for people who are  professional djs or  new to deejaying . Mixxx has everything you need to start making DJ mixes. 

Incredible Features of mixxx
  • iTunes Integration : All your playlists and songs from iTunes, automatically ready to go for your next live DJ performance.
  • DJ MIDI Controller Support : With over 30 DJ MIDI controllers supported out-of-the-box, Mixxx gives you comprehensive hardware control for your DJ mixes.
  • BPM Detection and Sync :  Instantly sync the tempo of two songs for seamless beatmixing. Need a break? Create a quick playlist and let Auto DJ take over. 
  • Powerful Mixing Engine : Mixxx has a cutting-edge mixing engine including support for MP3, M4A/AAC, OGG, and FLAC audio, adjustable EQ shelves, timecode vinyl control, recording, and Shoutcast broadcasting. 
Dual Decks, Advanced Controls , Time Stretch and Vinyl Emulation , Beat Looping , Hotcues , Intuitive Pitchbend , Broad Format Support , EQ and Crossfader Control , Auto DJ , Record and Broadcast your Mix , and Comprehensive DJ Hardware Support . its completely free and Open source . 


2. Ardour
Ardour is a free and open source  software for Dj's .
it is open open source software created with help of worldwide team of musicians, programmers, and professional recording engineers . 

Features of Ardour : 
  • Flexible Recording 
  • Unlimited Multichannel Tracks
  • Import free sound : Browse the enormous repository of free samples and import directly into your session. Sound effects, instruments hits, atmospherics - more than 160,000 samples free for you to discover and use.
  • sound Editing
  • Mixing
  • Routing
  • Solo/Listen Model
  • Monitor Section
  • Inline Plugin Control
  • Panning
  • Automation
  • Mix Groups
  • Plugins : Hundreds of no-cost plugins in LV2, native VST and LADSPA formats on Linux and OSX.
  • Exporting


With all Important Features , LMMS is a Linux Multimedia Studio . LMMS is a free software which allows you to produce music with your computer. its a best free software to mixing sounds .

Features of LMMS
  • Song-Editor for composing songs
  • A Beat+Bassline-Editor for creating beats and basslines
  • An easy-to-use Piano-Roll for editing patterns and melodies
  • An FX mixer with 64 FX channels and arbitrary number of effects allow unlimited mixing possibilities
  • Many powerful instrument and effect plugins out of the box
  • Full user-defined track-based automation and computer-controlled automation sources
  • Compatible with many standards such as SoundFont2, VST(i), LADSPA, GUS Patches, and MIDI
  • Import of MIDI files, Hydrogen project files and FL Studio ® project files

4. KraMixer

kramixer is a Professional FREE DJ Software . KraMixer was developed by a small group of Programmers and DJ's. 
KraMixer DJ Software uses the latest technology to produce the best possible DJing experience . 

Features of kramixer:
  • Manual and Automatic BPM Counters
  • Automatic BPM matching
  • Support for MP3, Wav and Ogg File Formats
  • Variable Frequency Range (from +/-1% to +/-49%)
  • 8 Built-In Sound Effects including Echo, Flange, Reverb and Compressor
  • Real-Time Recording to MP3 Format
  • High Speed Sound Engine With 2 Modes of Operation
  • ID3-V1 Tag Compatible 
  • Turntable-Like Braking Functions
  • Manual looping with multiple loop points per channel.
  • Options For Headphone Cueing (mono with monitor of left channel and master on right)


Ultramixer  is one of best free Dj  Software . it is available  for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Features of Ultramixer :

  • Mix Broadcasting / Web Radio
  • Microphone Support
  • Live inputs
  • automatic talkover
  • asynchronous fading
  • Search and playback of music on YouTube
  • Search for covers at Amazon
  • Display of covers directly in the archive
  • playlists displayable in full-screen

6. Hydrogen

Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. 


  • Very user-friendly, modular, fast and intuitive graphical interface based on QT 4.
  • Sample-based stereo audio engine, with import of sound samples in .wav, .au and .aiff formats.
  • Support of samples in compressed FLAC file.

Sequencer and mixer

  • Pattern-based sequencer, with unlimited number of patterns and ability to chain patterns into a song.
  • Up to 192 ticks per pattern with individual level per event and variable pattern length.
  • Unlimited instrument tracks with volume, mute, solo, pan capabilities.
  • Multi layer support for instruments (up to 16 samples for each instrument).
  • Sample Editor, with basic cut and loop functions. 
  • Time-stretch and pitch functions via rubberband cli. Require the rubberband-cli package.  
  • Play-lists with scripting function. 
  • Advanced tab-tempo. 
  • Director Window with a visual metronome and song position tags. 
  • Time-line with variable tempo. 
  • Single and stacked pattern mode. 
  • Export/Import single patterns into song projects. 
  • Midi learning via Shift+MouseClick on many gui-cotrollers combined with a midi settings editor.  
  • Ability to import/export song files.
  • Unique human velocity, human time, pitch and swing functions.
  • Multiple patterns playing at once.


  • JACK, ALSA, PortAudio and OSS audio drivers.
  • ALSA MIDI and PortMidi input with assignable midi-in channel (1..16, ALL).
  • Import/export of drumkits.
  • Export song to wav, aiff, flac or ogg file.
  • Export song to midi file.

7.Serato DJ Intro

Serato DJ Intro is free software for Dj ' s , it is also good free software for mixing music. 


8.DJ ProDecks

DJ ProDecks is a professional DJ Software for Windows, it Is a fully functional DJ tool  free . 



Blaze is one of the most advanced DJ Mixing Software. It can be downloaded & used completely free.

features of Blaze : 
  • spectrum colored waveform
  • auto gain,timecode support, midi support
  • BPM detection Sync Button
  • internal and external signal processing
  • Cues, Loops, Effects
  • low latency sound engine based on asio

10.Zulu DJ Software

Zulu DJ Professional DJ mixing program for PC or Mac .

Features zulu dj
  • Easily cross fade between tracks
  • Real-time pitch and tempo adjustment
  • Auto-play mode for hands-free, seamless music mixing
  • Supports mp3, wav and all other popular audio formats
  • Automatic beat detection
  • Beat synchronization between the decks
  • Apply effects in real-time, includes all popular effects like distortion and reverb
  • Record DJ mixes and save as an audio file
  • Loop sections within a track and synchronize to the BPM
  • VST plugin support for additional effects
  • Add loops and samples to the sample bank
  • Safe live mode prevents accidents for flawless shows

mix tracks online free with mix 20 million songs online free . you dont need to download any software , just go to and become a great DJ by having fun mixing hot tracks .