Monday, May 19, 2014

what is google places ? how to create google places for business

what is google places ?

Google Places is a free service provide by which allow you  to be listed on Google Maps , so your clients and customers easily  find you and your Business . business owners who use google places  to manage the information regarding the right location of their business . This means when a customer searches for the service or product you offer, your business would be listed in the organic  web  search listings as well as in google Places. 

HOW to Create Google Places for Business ?

It is very simple to create google places for your busienss , i will show you step by step , steps are follows : 

Step : 1 . Go to google places website , you can click this link for go to  google places . 

then sign in to google places account using your gmail account details , type your address in find your business box and click on serch button , accept terms and conditions .

STEP  : 2. 

Then you can see one from , fill the details in this form ,  like Your business Name , your country and regan , Street address of your busienss ,  city of your busines ,select state , and fill the correct zip code ,select the category for your buisness ,and submit this form . 

STEP : 3. Google places ask you to Verify your business then click on continue and come back later button , in 2 or 3 days  google send you a verification code via postcard ,open this post card , and again login to your google places account , submit code from post card , click on verify  your business . after that you are successfully listed on google places .