Friday, June 27, 2014

Information About Black Mamba snake

The Black mamba is also called black mouthe snake becouse of  colour of this sankes  mouth is Black . Black mamba  is a worlds most venomous and dangerous snake . mamba are found  in Jungles , sugarcanes ,woodlands , grassland  of  south Africa . its is   also the fastest land  snake in Africa , they run with speed of 20 kilometers per hour . they are in list of among fastest snakes in the world . The venom of mamba is highly toxic , if mamba bite someone , a person will be die within some minutes , but antivenin is available . in south africa black mamba bite is known as the "kiss of death". Black mamaba is  second longest venomous snake in the world , First longest venomous sanke in the world is indian  King kobra. 

  • colour of Black mamba : Black , mouth of black mamba is also black .

  • Size of Black Mamba : 2.5 to 4.45 meters / Up to 14 foots 

  • Seed of Black mamba :   20 kilometers per hour 

  • Venum of Black mamba : highly toxic

  • Average life : 11 years and more 

  • Weight of black mamba : 1.6 kilogram