Thursday, July 31, 2014

7 ways to increase facebook page likes

In This days every Business want more likes to their  Facebook page .because People know facebook page like helps to increase sales , generate more leads And build online reputation. in this artical i am going to tell you 7 ways to increase your facebook page likes. 

1. Post Daily

Post anything on your facebook Page , News of your Business ,Photos , videos and etc. if  you Post daily , It increase chances of get new facebook likes. 
i also post daily on some of my facebook pages and then i Recived more likes. but dont forgot to post it daily.

2. Post Pictures 

If you post links , news of your Business  then  don't forget to attach effective images with them . Because Pictures on facebook   get 60 % more likes and shares than videos and only links.

3. Add facebook page like Button to your website

If you have a Business website then add a facebook page like Button to your website. with this Button your new  Clients  and website visitors can easily find and like your facebook page. you can also add this button to your blog.

4. Post images of best Quotes 

Images of best and inspirational quotes received more  likes and shares on facebook . people share this images and if their Friends  are also like this images they also share this. after this you recived good amount of new facebook likes. you can easily find and download  ,images of best Quotes form google images.

5. Talk with your facebook page fans

Talk with your facebook fans . say hello  to your fans , give quick reply to comments of your page fans. Ask them to refer your Facebook page to their friends , families and others . building friendly relationships with your facebook page fans. 

6. Pay to Facebook 

if you want to boot your facebook likes very fast , then buying facebook likes is best option for you. use facebook ads , it will cost you some dollers but you recived so many new likes. to know more about facebook ads go to

7. Add your facebook page link to other social networking sites 

Add a link of your facebook page to sites like Twitter ,Linkedin, Google plus ,vkontakte and more. it will help you to get more new likes for your facebook page.