Tuesday, July 8, 2014

About Google Adsence

if  you want to know what is google adsence actually . what is a use of adsense and how to use it ?  in this artical i am going to tell you all about google adsence .


  • What is a google adsence ? 

Google Adsence is a free service from google , with google adsence you can display targeted  advertisements  from google on your website . if your website visitors click on these ads google will be pay you the amount of money . google adsence is one of the best and oldest  way to  earn revenue from your website or blogs. many top websites are making millions  every month from this best advertising program by google . 
  • Eligibility to participate in AdSense program
1.   Applying for Adsence your age must be 18 years old , if you are under 18  years old you are not eligible for adsence account . google only accept applications from applicants who are 18 years and above . 
2. To  participate in adsence program first you have a owne website or blog . 
3. your sites must be  6 months old to apply for adsence .

4. your site or blog have a original content . content of your site is not copyed from other websites . 

5.  your site need sufficient amount of  text , google not approved adsence applications  for those websites  who only have   images, videos or Flash animations .
6 . if your site have a pornographic content you are not eligible for participate in AdSense program

  • How  to apply for adsense 

STEP 1. To apply for adsence you need to signup for google adsence , if you have a gmail account you can use your gmail account to direct  login into adsence .

STEP 2. follow this link For go to google adsence login page  https://www.google.com/adsense/signup 
apply for adsense

STEP 3. after that tell google about your content , submit the url of your website where you want  to be display google ads . 

STEP 4. then provide google payee name , your correct address and more details and click on submit my applictaion button . then google  review your application and notify you by email if your appliction is approved or not .

  •  How To Add Google Ads To Your Website

If you recived mail from google : your adsence account is approved . then you need to do this next step for display ads on your site . just follow this simple steps to add google ads to your website 

STEP 1 :  login to your aprroved google adsence account and click on my ads button then click on new ad unit .

STEP 2 : after that choose any name for your ad , select banner size for your 

google ads

STEP 3 : then choose ad type ,if you want to display only text ad on your site choose text ads only option , if you want banner+ text ad  to display on your site choose text and image ad option .

STEP 4 :you can also customize ad with colour , text , baground colour of ad . 

STEP 5 : after doing all this click on save an get code button . then you can see code of ad . insert this code on your website . 

get Google Ads To Your Website

after putting this code to your  website . your are successfully Added Google Ads To Your Website

  • Rules &Regulation after displaying  google  ads on your site 

1. if you are thinking you can click google ads from your owne website and earn
money . please dont do this after desplaying ads on your site because google
will be removed you from adsence program .  

2. Do not Encouraging people to click on ads from your website  and dont put any text saying that "please click on google ads from our site and donate us ". 
your website  visitors click ads on your site because they want to know more about that ad or the ad from your site is  right service and product they are looking for. 

3. do not publish adult content on your site otherwise your adsence publisher account will be banned by google .

4. do not ask  your friends , family mambers and  relatives to click on ads from your site . google and google adsence team  work   with latest softwares and technology's which track any illegal activities of adsence users. 

  • how much we can earn from google adsence and when we will recived our payments 

adsence is a pay per click advetising program by google . if your website visitor click google ads on  your website  google  will pay you $0.4 to $5 for per click  or more it depends on advertising budget of advertiser . google give you 68% of money from the click price . 

google pay you by  check every month but to recived this  payment your adsence  accout earning amount must be $100

  • Why google adsence is best ? 

you get many advertising program companies online like Adversal , Chitika , Qadabra , Infolinks and more but no one pay you higher (68%)amount for single click than google adsence . i am not saying that they are not best but i am only saying that they are not best than google adsence .