Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to make plastic effect iconic or text logo with CorelDraw

if you want to create plastic effect logo for your company free in Coral Draw. follow this simple staps and make a  plastic effect iconic  or  text logo.

Step 1 : first create the  logo and  fill a colours which you want  in Coral Draw 

Step 2 : then select full part of your created  logo or text and click on Bitmaps - then click on convert to Bitmap , after clicking convert to Bitmap you can see one box,  type Resolution 450 dpi in that box and click  ok button .

Step 3 : select your full logo and Then again click on Bitmap  then  click on Texture. after click on texture now you can see plastic option . click on that option . 

Step : After cliking  plastic option you can see  highlight , Depth , smoothness options . 
1. in highlight , type Amout 90 .
2. in Depth , type Amout 11 
3. in smoothness, type Amout 100  and click on ok button . 

now you are  successfully make  plastic effect iconic  or  text logo with CorelDraw 

below is the image of plastic effect logo i created for my client .