Thursday, July 24, 2014

9 sites to create XML sitemap free


xml sitemap is also called as sitemap , sitemap help search engines to better read content of your website . with xml - sitemap google , bing , yahoo and other search engines crawl your website and understand  your website better.  you just need to create and submit xml - sitemaps to this search engines . i know what is your question is ,  how and where to create this sitemap . below is the list of  sites ,where you  can create XML sitemap of your website free .

it is a online xml - sitemap generator for google , bing , yahoo and other search engines . 


This website is place to create free  xml - site map of your website .

3. is a best website to create xml sitemap up to 1000 pages. if your website have to many web pages , then it is a good place for you to generate sitemap free online.


it is also good site to bulid sitemap for your website . it supports up to 1000 pages.