Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top 5 Dog Breeds

1. Labrador Retriever

Top 5 Dog Breeds

The Labrador Retriever, also known as Labrador and lab dog, Labrador Retrivers are The family-friendly dogs. they are athletic, very playful, and the most popular breed of dog in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States . they are very playful dogs , they like to play with childrens .labrodor are used by   government security agency in the world  for screening and detection work . on record first  yellow colour Labrador Retriever was  in 1899 and chocolate colour Labrador dog emerged in the 1930 .
early historic period  fisherman's  was use them as a helper dogs for carrying nets and fetching . it is a most popular breed in the world , it is also very popular breed in America.

2.German Shepherd

German Shepherd dog

German Shepherd dog breed originated in Germany . they are intelligence , hard working and playful dogs . becouse of their  intelligence  and strength they are use  around the world  for search and rescue operations by police and militarythey  learn commands and instructions given by their owners  quickly than other dog breeds . they have ability to track criminals , detect suspected activities .becouse of this they are famous as police, guard and search and rescue dogs .

Bulldog top dog breed

The Bulldog is a dog  breed with  wide head and shoulders  bulldogs are a medium-size dogs  .they are  Family Dogs . The name "bull" was come because of the dog's use bull baiting  sport . bulldogs is know for their courageous Behavior . 

Rottweiler dogs

Rottweilers are medium -large and  powerful dogs . Rottweilers are used as guard dogs ,search and rescue dogs or police dogs . they are very protective dogs becouse of this many people use them for   guarding and protection work . They are very loving and playful with their owner and families. Rottweiler is  loyal and brave  dog breed .

5. Doberman  Pinscher

Doberman  dog

Doberman Pinscher  , in many countries they only know as only Doberman. it is domestic dog breed  developed by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann ,a tax collector from Germany  in 1890 . dobermans are very  intelligent and  loyal  to their owners . in the world they are used as a  guard dogs , police dogs and Family Dog . many hotels and companies use dobermans to prevent from robbery ,because they are very watchful and  alert dogs.