Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to add google sitemap to blogger blog

sitemap is a bunch of xml sitemap files which search engines like google,bing and yahoo to use for  Read content of your blog and web pages crawling process. 

Many Peoples who have blogs on blogger confused about  how to add google sitemap to blogger blog . in this post  i am going to tell you how create and submit sitemap to your blogger blog . for this you just follow this simple steps 

Step 1 :
Sign in to google webmaster account  and First add your blogger blog 

Step 2 : Then you need to create sitemap for your blogger blog ??? 
No, for blogger  you dont need to create a sitemap because in blogger your blog feed is  your sitemap.

follow This steps to see sitemap of your blogger blog

  • go to :  this is your sitemap 
  • if you are using custom url for your blogger blog then use this ,visit         

Step 3 : after this go to  Crawl
 and then  sitemaps 
from google webmaster tool dashboard and click on 

ADD/Test sitemap button.

then you can see your blog url and one box. type atom.xml in that box
and click on submit sitemap button and then click on Refresh . you successfully submited sitemap for your blogger blog.