Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Add A Logo in Your Blogger Blog

To Add A logo to your blog on blogger.com please follow This Simple 5 Steps 

STEP 1 : Go to your  blog in blogger Account  . Then click on Layout 

STEP 2 : After clicking on Layout , You can see their Option called header . you can Click on edit header .

blogger layout

STEP 3 . After cliking on edit option from Header , now you can see configure header . From this section Find image upload option 

STEP 4 : In image section ,  clcik on  - choos file from your computer and upload your own logo 


STEP 5 : You can also see their Three options like  
1. Behind title and description
2.Instead of title and description
3. Have description placed after the image

You need to choos  option called Instead of title and description  and then click on Save Button. After This process your logo will be live on Your blogger.com blog .

Below is the image of my blog , where i Add a Logo in my  Blogger/ Blog .