Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Advantages of having a website for business

1. Website boost your business : 

Your business website do very important role to boost your business and increase your customers .  Because   Billions of people use internet world wide , they search products and services for their needs on internet .
Example : They search a pest control  services for their home , they choos google search or any other search engines  to find  pest control services . They search pest control in U.S.A , after that google show them a search Result . google.com show  list of pest control website in U.S.A and people click on any website and find the Pest control services for them . they do not find you Because   it is your fault , You dont Have any  website for your Business . many business Earning Big amount of profit Because of website . your business website gives you a new customers and give  more information about your business to Internet users.

2. Website help You to Represent Your business 

Business website is a place where you can put information about your business . your website tell  people  correct information about your Business , loction of your Business  and many things about your Business . website is best medium of represent your business online . your website  Educate consumers about your business

3. website is better Than Print Advertising

To earn more customers for your business you choos print Advertising . you invest large amount of money on print advertising  but internet is much more cheaper than print media. with help of website you can reach a wider audience than print Advertising . 

4. website open 24/7 and 365 day 

your website is open to all 24 hours a day and 365 days a year . Everything about your business is  available 24/7 to people .
if your business is close on sunday ,but some one call you and asked you about more information about your business then tell them to visit your website for more information of your business . they will go to your website and read full information about your business , product and service .

5. website Reach worldwide

One of the best Advantage of having website is , your website Reach all over the world . if you have a business website then your business information is not limited for any city and local area , your business  is accessible to whole world . it means you can reach world wide audiance . 

6. Other Advantages : 
  • if you are a photographer  , you can display  your photography portfolio on your website  . 
  • if some one have a garment business , they can put  images of clothes on their website . 
  • on your website your clients easily view important documents of your business . 
  • You can also  talk with your clients with help of live chat option on your website.