Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Places to find free widgets for your website

widgets are very important for any website. if you are findnding best and useful widgets for your website ,in this post i am telling you about best places to find widgets for your website. some examples of widgets are Twitter widget , Music Player for website , calendar and clock widgets and etc .

1. Google Gadgets

Google gadgets is free directory to find widgets for your website and they are safe to use . you can freely use this widgets on your websites . some of very popular widgets by google are Google Translater , Google Maps , Google Calendar and etc . you just go to google gadget website and get a code any widget you want for your website and past it on your website .

websites to find free widgets

URL of google Gadgets : http://www.google.com/ig/directory?synd=open

2. 100widgets.com

100widgets.com is best place to find free widgets for your websites . 
on 100widgets.com you can find good list of widgets for your website . get a code of widget you want for your website and pest this widget code on your websites web page.

                URL : http://100widgets.com

3. widget24.com

get various type of widgets for your website on widget24.com . widget24.com have big list of widgets for your website.
on widget24.com you can  Customize the widget and copy the code of widget and past it on your website.

   URL : http://widget24.com

4. localtimes.info
localtimes.info is one of the best website for Clock widgets . localtime.info is best palce to Customize clock widget and insert it to on your website . they have many types of clock widgets like Analog Clock Widget , Digital Clock Widget , World Clock Widget , Time Converter Widget , Christmas Countdown Clock . they also have Wordpress Clock Plugin for your wordpress site and much more.

  URL : http://localtimes.info/getwidget/digital

5. addthis.com

addthis.com is one of the best site on internet to get social Share buttons , social Follow buttons , facebook like button , twitter follow button for your
addthis.com is a best site to get social sharing button widget for your websites .
many big sites , website designers and developers are also using this sites to insert social sharing buttons on their websites . to get this widgets you need to create account on  this website

   URL : http://www.addthis.com