Monday, June 23, 2014

How To Set Up Google Analytics for your website

Google Analytics is a free service of google which help you to track detaile statistics of your website's traffic . google analytics give you the correct information about how many people visit your website , Country of your websites visitors , Traffic Sources and much more .

if you want to set up google analystic for your website but you dont know how to set up it . in this post i am going to tell you How To Set Up Google Analytics for your website.

for setuping Google Analytics for your website  You just follow this simple steps .


For set up a google Analytics
 for your website you need to first sign up for a free Google Analytics account . you can easily sign up to google Analytics with your gmail account . to create it Visit and click on Sign Up button and create it . 

Step 2 

now you can see one form by google analytics , fill this form . in this form, fill the correct details about your website .

1. Account name your website 
3. correct URL of your website  
4. category of your website 
and etc 
after filling all this you can click on Get Tracking ID button .

After clicking Tracking ID button you can see Tracking id code below . you need to copy this code and past it on your website . past this code header or footer section of your website .
After  following this steps You are successfully Set Up Google Analytics account  for your website .